4. Atlantis Phaeacians and the Cyclops

Phaeacians lived near the island of our Cyclops tells the story of Homer’s Odyssey. The Phaeacians were the gods’ favorites and people’s friends. It is said that they originally resided in the outermost Hyperia, around the world. As relatives of the gods, they were referred to as “angels”, such as the Cyclops and the Giants until Nausinous, son of Poseidon took them and went to Hyperia. There, Odysseus arrived half-drowned in a seashore where Nausikaa found him.

The Lemurian Cyclone Age comes to an end with Polyphemus’ blindness and the exit to rationality. For a while the different species and human species coexisted. 

Is Phaiacia the Atlantis of Plato that sank last?

The Odyssey tells us about the ship of the Faiacs that is marbling on its return from the revenge of Neptune.

Certainly the advanced ships of the Faiacs, the marvelous gardens and the government, Alkinoos is president of 12 equal kings  have many similarities to the Atlantis described by Plato.

From the   island of Cyclops  without lows in the Republic of Phaiakia.

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3. Cyclops and Odysseus

The Cyclops according to the Odyssey lived  in a cave and an island with no laws in common with other Cyclops. Sheep grazed around and made cheese from their milk. Ulysses was set up as no Odyssey, no one. Maron’s wine from the Cyclones drunk and peeled him, so he could get out of the cave in the morning under a hanging ram. 

The Cyclops represents Lemuria epoch at the time when the Cyclops and Giants and other beings were lizard monkeys and dragons.

 Ulysses represents the Atlantic epoch and Homo Sapiens Sapiens. It is the entrance of man and humanity into rationality, right thinking and upright mind.

Astrea says

2. Atlantis and Ulysses

Atlantis was not just an island, as Plato describes us, but an entire region and epoch. After the Lemouria and the extinction of the dinosaurs, the monkeys dragon dragons, the lizards of the Giants Cyclops Giants, which lasted about 75 million years, mankind passes into anthropogenic end with Homo sapiens sapiens sapiens the different species of Lemuria and Atlantis together
The mention of Homer the poet is typical and is underlined by Odysseus’ hostage on the island of the Calypso daughter of Atlas on the Atlantic island of Ogygia and his time of residence.
It is noteworthy that Odysseus departs from the island of the Calypso nymph by order of Hermes, he is the God, the advanced mind and his interpretation.

Says Astrea